• Capacity Building Workshops
  • Career Counseling Sessions
  • Placement Bureau
  • Seminars
  • Information Center for FPSC
  • Internship Programs
  • Facilitation for Conduction of Surveys
  • Linkages Building
  • Library Corner
  • Students Membership

Capacity Building Workshops Conducted by CDC, UAF
Career Development Center, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (CDC, UAF) has been conducting capacity building workshops to enhance students proficiency in following areas:
(a)Resume Writing
(b)Interviewing Techniques
(c)Communication Skills
(d)Job Search Strategies
Career Counseling Services:
Career Development Center, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (CDC,UAF) has been established to provide the students with an opportunity to have a single point of contact in case they need advice and / or help with a number of areas. A counselor can listen to your situation, respond to your ideas, give you feedback, teach you strategies for making decisions, and help you formulate your major and career goals
Our Career Counseling Services focus on the three stages of the Career Development Cycle:
(b)Exploring Options
(c)Decision-Making Implementation
Career Development Cycle has significant role for those Students of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, interested in exploring career options, contemplating a career selection or change of academic major.
Placement Bureau:
CDC has been advertising jobs from both public and private sector and other eminent organizations. Notice Boards and CDC Jobs segment on University website always have been source of attraction for students due to job advertisement. Thus CDC, UAF facilitates not only students rather employers as well to hire professional graduates.CDC has sent and adjusted many students in various sectors.
Career Development Center, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (CDC, UAF) has been organizing annual Seminars with the collaboration of Federal Public Service Commission, Islamabad. CDC, UAF also conducting seminars with the support of Senior Tutor Office of University and Gender Support Unit, Faisalabad.
Information Center of Federal Public Service Commission:
CDC, UAF has been declared an Information Center of Federal Public Service Commission. This center facilitates the students regarding terms and conditions of competitive exams, fee submission and application forms. CDC also provides guidance to students regarding eligibility criteria, age relaxation and other information about Federal Public Service Commission. This center also displays all information on its own notice boards and other university notice boards on regular basis.
Internship programs:
Career Development Center, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad facilitates University graduates by providing internship opportunities in its associate organizations. *For further detail regarding internship programs please contact CDC, UAF.
Facilitation for Conduction of Surveys:
Career Development Center, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has also been aiding University students by providing opportunities to work with different organizations and district line departments as surveyors. *For further detail regarding paid surveys, students are advised to visit CDC, UAF.
Linkages Building:
CDC, UAF has developed strong linkages with below mentioned sectors to achieve the objectives of CDC and to share the responsibilities of placement and capacity building:
(a)Federal Public Service Commission
(b)Punjab Public Service Commission
(c)Higher Education Commission
(d)District Line Departments
(e)Corporate Sector
(f)NGO Sector
Library Corner:
CDC, UAF established Library Corner to facilitate the students for preparation of different competitive examination. Library Corner of CDC provides variety of books related to different subjects. CDC is also working on establishment of E.Library with cooperation of Sarsabz Foundation, Faisalabad.
Students Membership:
CDC formatted a membership form to develop the Data Bank in order to achieve CDC’s objectives. This resulted in an overwhelming response from UAF students of different departments. CDC uses this information to call students on different occasions and send there portfolios as well to different organizations on their request for placement purpose.
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